Friday, September 21, 2012

Issues using EBSCO off-campus and/or in library with a laptop

You may have noticed a technical issue when accessing the EBSCOhost databases while off campus or on campus with a laptop connected to the wireless network. You are able to authenticate and gain access to the databases BUT the EBSCOhost interface appears drastically changed. All EBSCO graphics are removed, most links do not work, and the EBSCOhost interface webpage loads in a very basic format.

Note: this issue does not occur when accessing EBSCOhost on campus when using the local area network (physical cable connection).

The library is working with EBSCO Support to resolve the issue. A temporary fix has be created by which the technical issue can be avoided by connecting directly to the EBSCOhost website. Please contact the library for more information.

(902) 423-7986

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